Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Biggest Reddest Return

I shall add no official comment to the embedded jubilee below. I'm simply sittin' here on a Sunday, lovin' this clip like McDonald's:

Ba da bum bum buhhhhh...I'm lovin' it. Welcome back, killer.

(For more on the Return of the Jedi, head on over to the goodfolk at Hidden Track -- between the live blog, the Bisco lot dog shenanigans, the audio streams and downloads and all the videos, they certainly stuffed their collective cock in every orifice of this thing.)


gatorphish said...

Very Nice. The rooster is back indeed.

Mr. Miner's Phish Thoughts has some good posts on this as well (although they do use hidden track's photos).

Danny from Milwaukee said...


When are you going to do a post about Brett Favre coming to your town?

Anonymous said...

Luvin' it too! But not in any kind of McDonald's fashion. Me no 'specially dig dat.